101 Diabetic Supplies, LLC. mission is to provide our customers with diabetic testing supplies in a timely and cost effective manner with the highest level of service possible.

As one of the most trusted medical suppliers in the industry, 101 Diabetic Supplies, LLC. understands the value of empowering consumers to take charge of their health. We pride ourselves in offering the most cutting-edge technology, the best name brands, and a variety of products to choose from.

What Makes 101 Diabetic Supply Different?

Imagine a higher level of service that generates a richer experience for every customer. We believe the customer care process goes beyond answering questions such as, “Where is my order?” and “When was my order shipped?” Nothing is more valuable than a hassle-free experience. Our clients expect us to understand the needs of their customers and act accordingly if an issue should arise. Our call center will accommodate all customer support call from Installations, Device Warranty and Ordering. We take every step necessary to ensure the integrity of our products. Each shipment is carefully counted, inspected, and entered into our custom inventory system. All products are stored in a climate-controlled secure facility. The United States Post Office has a facility in our warehousing /shipping facility to give your business maximum benefits resulting in exceptional speed, accuracy and efficiency. We carefully hand-picked the most amazing equipment that it is part of the Cima Care Solutions platform, which is a medical reporting software system. Cima Care can connect to your Physician or any one managing your care including family and friends. Your results are accessible to anyone you give authorization. For example; your caregiver, case manager or family members that are helping you manage your diabetes, hypertension, oxygen level, weight loss/gain and/or temperature. This provides a proactive approach to your health, it allows for peace-of-mind and overall higher quality of life. 101 would like to be an intracle part of helping you in achieving a happier and healthier life style, the one you deserve.

101 follows your insurance guidelines and can only re-supply your order when you are near the end of your supplies.  We know the importance of having enough supplies and our software tracks your next due date, so don’t be alarmed if you receive and automated call checking to see if you are ready for your next order.  You may also call our toll free #   855-636-4603 and select option 2 for Re-Orders.


101 made re-ordering of your supplies so much easier. When you call you will have the option to speak to a live rep or skip to the head of the line with our automated re-order menu. Just make sure you are calling from a phone # you have provided us, our software recognizes your caller id and gathers your information. It will ask you to confirm the amount of strips you have left and your shipping address, we want to make sure your address has not changed. It’s that simple, no wait times, call at any time and your order is placed and will be shipped out the next business day. It’s simple and hassle free. We also offer you to place your Re-Orders online.


101, Thanks you for your business and if you decide our service can be of any help to a friend or loved one, they can call  855-636-4603 and select option 1 for our referral department. We’d love to talk to them.

We Provide Hassle Free Healthcare Solutions Worldwide.