HME solved the biggest problem with the functionality of the RPM program.  By creating the smart gateway. It will gather the readings from all Blue Tooth products offered by HME and also the Dexcom glucose monitor and the Fit Bit watch. The Smart Gateway is new to the market and recently finished a large pilot in the state of Georgia. This product will be disruptive to the RPM industry by eliminating the need of cell phones to transmit data from the home monitoring devices. Based on recent feedback from the industry the use of cellular increases the patient engagement by 30%. All of our smart products will communicate with the gateway directly from the box. No customer interaction needed to configure the connection. Just install the enclosed batteries into the monitoring device. Current home monitoring equipment available to track vitals from home and transmit cellularly using the smart gateway are the Medication Dispenser, thermometer, pulse oximeter, vital watch, glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, weight scale and EKG.
Cellular Gateway offers healthcare providers a cellular Remote Patient Monitoring platform to monitor patient population from home and reducing re-admissions and easing concerns of emergency room utilization.   RPM also provide evidence-based medicine and engage patients as telehealth in the CMS rule, is a central element to this end. As written in CMS’ final rule for the Medicare Shared Savings Program, “Accountable Care Organizations must define processes to promote evidence-based medicine and patient engagement, report on quality and cost measures, and coordinate care, such as through the use of telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and other such enabling technologies.” Being able to engage and educate the patient is the only way to change patient behavior and accomplish the goals of healthcare organizations.
However, connecting with patients outside of the office visit, and providing ongoing access and transparency to care and support resources, is challenging, particularly when it requires coordination between patients, physicians, clinical staff, and third-party resources. To meet consumer demands, healthcare providers need new ways to connect with patients and deliver value-added information in a cost effective, easy to access and simple manner – and in a way that maintains consistency and continuity throughout the entire treatment process. Today’s healthcare providers need digital solutions that are specifically custom-tailored for their businesses. The HME platform provides the right digital solutions that are incorporated strategically into a provider’s business, leaving little question that the healthcloud can improve each patient’s overall experience.