Technical Equipment Manufactured by SunVision Is Needed To Bill RPM CPT Code 99454

SunVision has everything the medical professional needs to supply remote patient monitoring to their patients. In this video we discuss the technical portion of RPM payable through CPT code 99454  Patient has the privilege to be monitored from home from their primary physician or their doctor can write a referral to our Clinical partner Myanss and they can service the patient directly.   The Technical products that is available through SunVision is centered around the cellular gateway or the DR Watch that collects the readings from our medication dispenser, thermometer, pulse oximeter, vital watch, glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, weight scale and Electrocardiogram monitor and transmits these readings seamlessly 24 7 to the health cloud. The DR Watch cellular sim card is international and will connect to most cell towers throughout the world. If there is multiple choices of towers to choose from the DR Watch seeks out the strongest signal in the area and connects without any user involvement.  The new Smart Vital Watch offers the ability to track vitals through sensors built into the watch and is included as part of the technical offering.   Each of SunVision  home monitoring device can transmit to the cell phone or cellular gateway out of the box. When you turn on the monitoring device it firstly connects to the gateway or personal cell phone to see if it still resides in the same location and transmits any pending readings that were not transferred in the past. One of the differences that makes SunVision  the best gateway in the market is we offer two-way communication with our equipment and the support of AI technology. Most of our competitors in this market only transmits one way they do a lot of talking but they don’t have the ability to listen.