Diabetic Offering

Available with the smart meter is the smart health software platform created to support the remote patient monitoring market that is growing exponentially.  Also available with the Smart Health Meter is our cellular Gateway that enables the glucose readings to seamlessly transmit to the health cloud without any interaction from the user with the exception of testing themselves. The Gateway can also transmit other vitals collected from an assortment of home monitoring equipment  that include the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor,  Weight Scale, Oxygen level through our Pulse Oximeter, Electrocardiogram  Pill Dispenser and our Smart Watch that offers a variety of features. This collection of smart products is manufactured by three separate companies that have join forces through HME International enabling our clients to purchase any assortment of products ready for immediate delivery from our USA fulfillment center.  The fulfillment center and customer support center is designed to accommodate recurring diabetic supply orders directly with the customer. We have had years of experience as a supplier to the national diabetic bid winner and as a leading supplier to the RPM and manage care markets.   Be a part of the RPM growth with our Smart Diabetic System and triple  your profit margins.
Smart Diabetes has been supplied to the market for two decades.  The Glucose meter was recently upgraded to communicate through the cellular gateway creating the first affordable cellular glucose meter. The smart glucose meter is rated by fda for hospital use and supplied to the public at the lowest price in the industry. Our Smart meter makes managing your diabetes simple by automatically capturing and analyzing each test result, you no longer need to document and keep track of a logbook. The Meter is designed to immediately transmit every test result, using the latest Bluetooth Health Device Protocol to a HIPAA secure health cloud, which analyzes each test result based on a contingency architecture approved by the patient’s healthcare provider. with the use of the Cellular gateway the data is stored and transmitted to the health cloud without any patient involvement.  If an acute or episodic event is recognized during the analytic review, the platform will automatically generate a notification for any person or persons, which have been authorized by the patient to receive alerts. The alerts can be predefined by your care provider to be delivered via IVR, Text, Email, or a combination.