Doctors write scripts for products needed for their patients and pharmacies have increased the products available in their store to accommodate the requirements of the medical community.  The RPM market encompasses 27 million people who have at least one chronic condition and over 65 years old and qualifies for the equipment from Medicare and private insurance.  The local hospitals and doctors will prefer to write RPM equipment  prescriptions to their local pharmacy. In 2024 Sun Vision will be marketing to the medical professionals through local state trade shows where doctors attend to gather CEU’s and would like to include a listing of the local pharmacies who will participate in stocking the Sun Vision products and connect them to the doctor.  The opening order for the pharmacy to participate consist of purchasing 24 cellular watches, 12 weight scales and 12 Pill Dispensers.  Your pharmacy will be listed on the app as the location for the doctor to send their patients to.   The main ingrediant required for the RPM service is the DR Watch. The watch is cellular and  has sensers embedded into the watch that enables to track and upload the heart beat, blood pressure, oxygen level, temperature, glucose level, ECG, sleep, and stress.   The watch also has a built in gateway that enables to gather and upload the readings from Sun Vision pill dispenser, glucose meter and weight scale seamlessly to the internet.  The health cloud offered with the equipment has A I technology that will monitor the uploads 24/7 detecting health trends and will inform the patient, medical professionals and family members the results.  BY email, text, IVR or a through a live operator.