USA Fulfillment Center Located In Daytona Beach Florida

SunVision Medical offers a unique business opportunity for companies who are marketing RPM service to the USA healthcare industry. SunVision fulfillment and assembly facility is located in Daytona Florida.    The inventory is available for immediate drop ship delivery to your customer or can be bulked shipped to your facility. One of the products available from SunVision and stocked in Daytona is the Cellular Gateway. This item will transmit the test results from any products that are manufactured by SunVision and is also capable of communicating with other products like Dex com Continuous glucose monitor.  We also are assembling the D R cellular vital watch in Daytona. It has a international sim card embedded into the units and functions as a Gateway to other products. Like our Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor  and the Smart Glucose Meter and testing supplies  Plus SunVision weight scale that can transfer the measurements through the standalone cellular gateway or the Cellular Watch.  Hand Held Ecg monitor, Pulse oximeter and thermometer are stocked in the USA and can transmit cellularly through either gateways.  The latest product that tracks medication should become a staple in the home monitoring product line offered by  SunVision.