International  Buyer Who Require OEM or Private Label Options

Welcome to this introduction video of Home Monitoring Equipment  International. We are a conglomerate of home care product manufacturers located through out Asia and currently expanding our facilities into the USA. HME specializes in manufacturing OEM and private label blue tooth and cellular home monitoring equipment for the enterprise business sector. We offer companies the option to use our white glove service to fulfill all the needs from the manufacturing of the product to  warehousing and direct to consumer fulfillment service. HME also offers end user product support and warranty replacement. There are hundreds or possibly thousands of manufacturers located in Asia who market on the internet and display at trade shows offering similar or in many cases identical products to the world market. For those of you that have done business with Asia and traveled to the factories understand that the majority of the companies that promote themselves as manufacturers are resellers. HME supplies hundreds of OEM and private label buyers and can offer your company the same service.   Or you can supply the industry product under our generic brand of Smart Products. This is our line of diabetic products we have supplied to the USA market since 2016. If you prefer a separate identity product we can also supply your company with the product firmware and the platform source code through our channel contract.   Some countries require that the product is not imported or in the case of North America they frown on products manufactured in China and refuse to allow these products to be part of the government bidding process. HME offers the option of your company opening a manufacturing facility within your country borders and we will assist in your startup. Starting in 1992 our company opened the Singapore office as a central location to supply latex gloves manufactured in Indonesia then sold in north and south America.  Three decades later HME headquarters is located in the collier building in central Singapore district and we manufacture products in China, Korea and Philippines. Because of the deterioration of the relationship between China and USA we are taking steps to manufacture three of our most popular products in the USA.  By 2024 the Vital Watch, and the Blood Pressure Monitor plus the Diabetic test strip will hopefully be manufactured within the USA borders.  Your company may want to purchase HME products manufactured in Asia or American made products under your identity or under our smart brand identity.