Managed Care Organizations all have a similar goal, to do more for less. HME  offers a program designed for the ACO diabetic population. We can offer a bundled price of our diabetic testing supplies to include our RPM software and Vital Watch. The bundled service and supplies follows the ACO business model of doing more for less.

HME  International offers Crowd Health Monitoring for Accountable Care Organizations and State Medicaid programs who want to offer affordable Remote Patient Monitoring service to their participants. The home monitoring equipment is kept in Daytona Florida fulfillment center and available for immediate delivery.  One of the key ingredients that make up our line of equipment is the smart Cellular gateway. The Cellular Gateway has become the most popular product we manufacture. It is capable of transferring data from any home monitoring device that has Bluetooth capability. All the products that is manufactured by HME are integrated and the testing results will transfer seamlessly to the health cloud. The selection of Bluetooth products that can transmit to a cell phone app or can utilize the cellular gateway consist of our smart health blood pressure monitor.  Glucose Meter with the needed supplies for type 1 or type 2 diabetics.  The Bluetooth weight scale provides remote patients with accurate weight data, which are connected to the health monitoring platform through the cell phone app or the cellular gateway.  Handheld ECG monitor, Pulse oximeter and thermometer also have Bluetooth capabilities and can utilize the cellular gateway to transmit data.  Our newest product tracks medication and in the near future should become a staple in the home monitoring product line-up. The pill dispenser will track and remind the patient to take their medication. Medication adherence is reimbursed through the new RTM Medicare Code and possibly your state Medicaid.