Motion detector with email / SMS notification
802.11 b / g WiFi connects to your home/office networks
Programmable alerts when motion is detected, or when no motion is detected for a time period.
Easy to set up, with back mount power plugs directly into a wall outlet
Sensor fine-tuned to detect human movements, avoid pets.

Product Description……
Proteus M5 Wifi Motion sensor detects people, and detects it very well, at the same time avoiding pets and animals. You can program the sensor to send alerts when movement is detected in a specific location, or when there is no movement being detected in a location.

“Motion” detection feature is a smart way to know if someone is entering your vacation home, or your regular home when you are not there. Get alerts within seconds by text and email.

Another useful feature, the “No Motion” detection is ideal for keeping a helpful and caring watch on elderly people staying alone. You can set the sensor in the kitchen or bathroom or bedroom, and set up to 2 schedules, and if the sensor has not detected motion for a given time, it will send you an alert. Even more, you can install multiple sensors, and make them work together in synchronization.

Not only does it detect motion, but it will also tell you when was the last time motion was detected up to within 24 hours.

It connects to your home or office wifi network.

Why Proteus?

• We have the best user interface that makes it easy for just about anyone to set it up. No need to be a computer or internet expert.

• Our motion sensors come with both email and text notifications to multiple contacts. Best of both worlds.

• No need to install any Apps. Don’t clutter your phone anymore. Just use a web browser and it works from any device. Just like an app.

• 802.11b/g WiFi provides seamless connectivity to your home/ office network

• Add as many emails or contacts as you need. Do not restrict alerts to just one email or phone like other sensors.

• Got a question before the purchase? During setup? Talk to us directly. We are here to help.

Average Selling Price with RPM Software Included $144.00 Purchase Motion Detector Separately $99.00