Developing a wholesale cost of a new product in the market has many variables to be considered.   The product development cost and product support cost is traditionally added to the wholesale price.  SunVision is offering a different approach to the market. We will offer the cellular gateway watch at the lowest possible cost without the addition of the markup needed to support the company.     We are offering the watch at cost as a pass through expense enable your company to purchase the cellular vital watch at the lowest possible cost and pay SunVision a monthly charge that also includes the on going services needed. SunVision will profit as your company makes a profit.    In the creation of the Cellular vital watch SunVision has variable cost based on the type of sim card embedded into the vital watch,    and the location where the service is needed.  The monthly pass through expenses has the ongoing expenses included that include platform and cell app updates,  the expense of adding new gateway products,  and the continuous updates to the  Artificial Intelligence that resides in the health cloud, Plus the Billing and Revenue Management service.  Pass through billing supports all ongoing expenses as  they happen without raising your cost at the time of purchase allowing your company to pay for what you use.   SunVision charges a set fee for all of the support services each month. Enabling your company to pay when the service is received lowering the product cost and increase efficiency    Enabling your company to maintain independent decisions, and benefit from all the other independent buyers.