Private Label Overview For USA Buyers

SunVision headquarters is located in Hong Kong and for the convenience of our clients located in USA we offer a fulfillment center in Daytona beach Florida. The fulfillment center stores the more popular equipment in white boxes and can apply the outside box sleeves with our client’s identity. This procedure of using a sleeve enables a low-cost solution to private labeling your products. Our call center can accept orders from your clients through our white glove service and transfer the order to your office or we can ship the product under your logo through our drop ship program. The product will be shipped with your identity and followed up with a welcome call to your patient to confirm the product arrived and to verify if they need assistance in using the equipment. The selection of products stored in USA for immediate delivery are;
 Diabetic Supplies  that include a blue tooth monitor that transmits to the internet through a personal cell phone or through our stand-alone cellular gateway or the Cellular Gateway watch,
Blood pressure monitor can transmit through the cell phone app or the cellular gateway,
Weight scale that can connect to a cell phone or the gateway offering seamless transmission,
Activity watch that can transmit data via the cell phone or continuous feed to the gateway collecting information all day and night,
ECG monitor that is FDA approved and can transmit via the cell phone or gateway,
Thermometer can also transmit via the cell phone or gateway,
Pill dispenser that notifies the user and care giver if they are not following protocol. Transmits via cell phone or gateway,
Pulse oximeter also connects to the cell phone or gateway  and is FDA certified,
The software platform and the cellular app is also available as a private label.