The GMS WiFi Automatic Pill Dispenser improves compliance and alleviates the worry of missed or mixed doses. This electronic medication dispenser reduces stress and improves compliance while providing caregivers with peace of mind. You can set up the device manually or use the Smart Health application. Smart Health App serves as a pill reminder and dosage tracking app. With the use of SunVision gateway the date and time stamp uploads to the internet without patients involvement. 
In short, this is a great medication manager for assisted living, caregivers, and family care. Can set up to 6 alarms per day and syncs up to WIFI.
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SunVision  offers the solution for Medication adherence with the introduction of the Pill Dispenser that auto connects to the gateway or DR Watch.  The smart pill dispenser maybe the single most important home monitoring device that is offered by SunVision. People with chronic conditions benefit the most from taking medications as prescribe and at the time of the day that was prescribe. This product makes managing medication adherence simple by providing an automatic reminder when it is time to take one or multiple medications. The A I health cloud documents the time when medication was taken and shares the time stamp with the health cloud. If either of the Cellular Gateway  or DR Watch is used the Medication disperser will immediately transmit the data every time a pill is dispensed and confirming if the time stamp matches the guidelines set by the patients’ healthcare provider. Patients who are not following the doctor protocol will automatically be sent a notification alert by text, email or a phone call to alert the patient of not taking their prescription.


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