HME International pulse oximeter is fda approved and simple to use.  add the enclosed batteries and it is ready.  Smart Pulse Oximeter will monitor your oxygen level and document the results in the  health cloud,  you no longer need to keep track of your readings in a logbook. With use of the Cellular gateway the test results will transfer in real-time 24 7. The Smart fingertip oximeter accurately measures O2 level, Pulse Rate and Pulse Strength and will automatically power off after the results are documented.  if O2 level or pulse rate  exceeds the pre set limit on file, the device will alert you with beep the value which exceeds the limit will flash on the screen and the health care team will be advised of the results.
The Smart Pulse Oximeter is designed to immediately transmit test result, using the latest Bluetooth Health Device Protocol to a HIPAA secure health cloud, which analyzes each test result based on a contingency architecture approved by the patients’ healthcare provider. If an acute or episodic event is recognized during the analytic review, the Health Cloud will automatically generate a notification for any person or persons, which have been authorized by the patient to receive alerts. The alerts can be predefined by each care provider to be delivered Via IVR, Text, Email, or a combination.