CMS introduces CPT Codes 99453, 99454, and 99457 to reimburse for Chronic Care Remote Patient Monitoring

The 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule demonstrates that CMS is listening to feedback from stakeholders. Restricting monitoring and analysis of patient data to physicians and QHCPs was impractical, so practitioners pushed to allow clinical staff to do a preliminary review of data and escalate problems to physicians for evaluation. The newly released CPT Codes 99453, 99454, and 99457 reflect this push.

Patient Engagement

Proven methods for CPT 99457

Connected Devices

New CPT Codes provide additional reimbursement opportunities for remote monitoring of patient health data

Blood Pressure Blue Tooth

Weight Scale Cellular

Pulse Ox Blue Tooth

Weight Scale Blue Tooth

Body Thermometer Blue Tooth

Glucometer Blue Tooth

ECG Monitor Blue Tooth

Activity Watch Blue Tooth

Medication Tracker Blue Tooth

Blood Pressure Cuff Cellular

Weight Scale Wifi

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