Startup companies have never had it so easy to compete head-to-head with companies that are well established.  In the past a new company marketing a healthcare product needed to open their business in a shopping center to obtain foot traffic and hire staff to work the store and stock the shelves.  Today,  with utilizing the internet the store front is no longer needed or the staff. HME will enable you to go into business without anything except your ability to market and your ambition.
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You market for your sales and manage your bank account and we do the rest. 
HME International headquarters is located in Singapore with the USA distribution and fulfillment center located in Daytona Beach Florida.  HME is a conglomerate of manufacturers who are located in multiple countries and joined forces to supply the Remote Patient Monitoring Industry.  We do not sell directly to the market we are strictly an OEM or Private Label supplier and seeking companies or people who function as distributors or resellers to the Remote Patient Monitoring market. To help facilitate business HME stocks products in a USA fulfillment center  in plain white boxes and offers personalized wrappers and shipping boxes with the client’s identity. This process enables a low-cost solution to private labeling. If your new to the Remote Patient Monitoring market you may be wondering  how big this market is!    As of today, there are millions of people who qualify for RPM through Medicare and would benefit from being monitored from home. The market is supported by the hospital’s doctors and patients. The most common question is what will RPM cost Medicare and can they afford it? The service will cost Medicare billions however it will save Medicare far more than it cost.
The doctors and or hospitals are paid by Medicare to implement the service with their patients on a monthly rental  basis for an average of $120 per month. There are two components that make up RPM.  The Technical component consists of the home monitoring equipment to obtain the users vitals with the capability to transmit the vitals through the internet to a HIPPA compliant healthcloud that has artificial intelligence built in. And the  clinical component that requires the help of registered nurses to view the users data collected in the cloud and discuss the data with the user by phone then document the outcome each month for the doctor and the patients files.  HME International associates has spent millions of dollars and a decade of time on the creation of the equipment and the software platform to complete the technical portion of the RPM requirement. To complete the clinical RPM requirement HME contracted Advance Nursing Services located in the USA and they are trained in our software and home monitoring equipment. The package can be utilized in its entirety or separately.  The equipment can be purchased in bulk from Asia by container or at any quantity from the fulfillment center under your company’s name if you purchase the sleeves. The software platform and cell phone application can be included in its entirety or fragments can be embedded into a pre-existing platform.   The monitoring equipment can be purchased as standalone Bluetooth with the use of a cell phone or the cellular gateway can be added that enables all the Bluetooth products to transmit without the use of a cell phone. The selection of products stored in USA for just in time delivery are  Diabetic Supplies  that include a blue tooth monitor that transmits to the internet through a personal cell phone or through our stand alone cellular gateway blood pressure monitor, weight scale, vital Smart watch that collects data continuously, ECG monitor that is FDA approved and can transmit via the cell phone or gateway, thermometer, pill dispenser that notifies the user and care giver if medication protocols are not followed and will transmit via cell phone or gateway and pulse oximeter.
The average income for the primary physician in 2020 was $234,000. There are  an average of 500 patients who qualify for RPM in the primary practice  that is expected to generate an additional $300,000 profit after expenses annually with minimal responsibility for the practice. HME International has the equipment, the  software platform and the qualified staff to help with the sale and after the sale by accepting orders and supporting the client and patient.
We’re seeking entrepreneurs who are connected in the medical community or has the ambition to get connected. If you’re this person we will either assist you to start your business or employee you.